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For The Praise of His Glory

Ephesians 1: 11-12

“In Him we have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined according to His purpose who works all things after the counsel of His will, to the end that we who were the first to hope in Christ should be to the praise of His glory.” 

Most everyone I know today carries some form of purse or wallet.  Inside of it is usually an I.D or identification card.  While we use it frequently, there are things about it we don't like to "show off" - like our photo!  Come on, admit it!  We don't like the "crummy photo" that they snap at the DMV for our Driver's License, do we?  And most of us don't want anyone to see other details - especially our "weight", do we?  


An “ID” card provides information about who we are.  Not what we do.  So often we get caught up in forming our identity based out of what we do - like our occupation and the activities we are involved in.  A former guitarist for Prince put it this way:  "The reality is that it’s not that you are what you do, but in the truest sense...we DO what we are."  

What if we owned a SPIRITUAL I.D card?  What would it say on it?

What if we looked to God and believed who HE says we are?  We must get out that essential, personal and spiritual I.D card and let it sink IN.  Until we BELIEVE the truth of who we are we won’t be able to receive all that God has purposed for us.  The “praise of His glory” is that as God’s children and with the amazing inheritance He’s given us we are reflectors of His image!

In Ephesians 1:12 the word “PRAISE” in Greek is AINEO (ī-ne'-ō) which means to extol, to sing praises in honor to God and the Greek word for “GLORY” is "DOXA" (which is where the Latin word DOXOLOGY comes from).  It means splendor, brightness and the absolutely perfect inward or personal excellency of Christ; His majesty!  So from this verse we discover something special - when we reflect back to God who He made us to be we become a brilliant MELODY of praise that glorifies Him!  What an amazing privilege!  We are a song that honors Him.  He has chosen us, purposed us, loved us, lavished His grace on us and invites us to be a continuous song, a DOXOLOGY of praise for His glory! 



Dear Lord,

Thank You for loving me and making me Yours and for providing me with every spiritual blessing!  I am grateful for the purpose and plan that You have for my life.   Help me to remember my identity and that You adopted me as Your child.  Continue to remind me that my security comes from who I am in You, not in the things I do.  Forgive me for the times I am a people pleaser and seeking after other's approval of me.  Please give me deeper roots and make me strong for Your kingdom's sake.  Let my life become a melody that truly is for the praise of Your glory.  Amen.

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